Society of Construction (LC-Yildiz)

Yildiz Technical University Society of Construction (LC-Yildiz) is a student organization since 2002 in Civil Engineering Faculty. We are one of the most attractive and active society untill the beginning. Our aim is improving the socio-cultural skills of students and creating opportunities for them to gain more experience about their business life. We try to reach our goal by making various projects and programmes nearly for 10 years. We are here for making students feel very special of being YTU member and helping them with their personal improvement as LC-Yildiz. Our members do learn to work as a team by having duties in projects. As a result of this, they become much more active and can take over social roles. We can also define our society as a bridge between the business sector and students by making them learn their profession better and making aware of what is waiting for them when they graduate.