International Civil Istanbul Engineering Conferences which was organized by Yildiz Technical University Construction Society for the first time on March 2012. This year it will be organized the eighth one between 11th and 17th of March at Yildiz Technical University. We believe that we proved our professionality by being able to make the eighth organization.


The main purpose of this great organization is being a bridge which brings civil engineering and architecture students and the business sector together and allows them to recognize the professional world. This event is being prepared meticulously by professional with the student team, academics, sector leaders pr experts and senior business executives.


This is an international organization and there are some events like conferences, workshops, contests, social responsibility projects, visiting construction sites, human resources stands, internship/job opportunities with supports and participation of big companies that are on top of the list. Moreover, participants will have a certificate that they can use on their CV which has confirmation by Yildiz Technical University.

The best global companies in the construction industry of Turkey and speakers will come and give the conferences.  

Thanks to the workshops, we are able to apply the information we learned about construction in place.  

We increase the competition by organizing internship award contests in unique companies.  

We will visit a lot of construction area which is the most elegance projects in Istanbul.  

Thanks to human resources stands and senior business executives of companies, participants will be able to reach companies directly.

Everyone can participate in the event such as students, academics, engineers, company managers, societies, architects etc…


And of course, fun is one of the biggest parts of Civil Istanbul. A lot of parties, city tours, gifts, concerts, and surprises are waiting for you. Participants of this event will spend a week with fascinating beauty of Istanbul.


Above all, of course, you are gonna make memorable friendships…