About Us

Yıldız Technical University Yapı Kulübü is a student organization which established in the civil engineering faculty in 2002. Since its foundation, Yapı Kulübü has become one of the most well-known and active student club in Yıldız Technical University. Our club, which aims to develop students in the sense of socio-cultural and business life, has been signing many different projects over 10 years. Family of Yapı Kulübü works for make the students feel more privileged of being student at Yıldız. Students develop their personal skills and understand the importance of teamwork thanks to student clubs also take on more active and social roles in their lives. We can define our club as a bridge that brings the students and the business sector together and helps them to understand professional life. Also our club helps students to develop themselves in social and cultural life.


  • To improve the professional and leadership skills of students.
  • To develop awareness of teamwork and mission consciousness.
  • To contribute social responsibility movements and raise beneficial individuals for society.
  • To help engineer’s education about awareness of the needs of society and the world.
  • To gain problem solving skills.
  • To raise social and self-expressing individuals.